Abeni (Nigeria, Benin)

Directed by Tunde Kelani

2006, 105 min.

In Yoruba and French with English subtitles

Another film from Tunde Kelani, the acknowledged master of Nigerian popular cinema (his film Thunderbolt showed at CFAF in 2002; The Narrow Path, in 2008), Abeni tells the enthralling story of long lost love set against the backdrop of Yoruba culture. Abeni, the daughter of a wealthy businessman, and Akanni, her childhood sweetheart from a poor family, meet again in their adult lives. Both of their well-planned futures - and their commitments to their respective future spouses - start to crumble when they realize their hearts belong to each other.


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Ewanfoh O. Peter, 02.23.2009, 1:49am
Apart form the pride, it’s a thing of joy to see that Africans are beginning to have a voice of their own in the global stage. The present African cinematographic industry is more than just a tool in this age an time in our history...
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