Meokgo and the Stick Fighter (South Africa, Lesotho)

Directed by Teboho Mahlatsi

2006, 19 min.

In Sotho with English subtitles

The fourth and final short is the visually enchanting and dream-like fable, Meokgo and the Stick Fighter, about a young stick fighter named Kgotso, who lives a solitary life high up in the Maluti Mountains of Lesotho. While tending sheep and playing his concertina, he encounters the spirit of a beautiful and mysterious woman, Meokgo. When he discovers that Meokgo is the captive of an evil horseman, Kgotso decides to rescue her.

Sponsored by the Queen of Sheba Ethiopian Restaurant.


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Larry Cwik, 02.26.2009, 8:13pm
Excellent!! One of the best short films I have ever seen.

Zohra Opoku, 03.12.2009, 4:49am
It´s all inside what a good movie needs for me: story from and for human beings, African spirit, great styling/ costumes and wonderful actors. Thank you so much, I´m inspired.
Zohra Opoku
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