We gratefully acknowledge the continuing support of Portland Community College.


We especially want to thank the following:


PCC District President:
   Preston Pulliams

Cascade Campus President:
    Algie Gatewood

PCC Board of Directors:
    Denise Frisbee
    Jim Harper
    Jaime Lim
    Marilyn McGlasson
    Bob Palmer
    David Squire
    Harold Williams

Wing-Kit Chung
Cece Cutsforth
Heidi Dombek
Kendi Esary
Antonio Espinosa
Dana Haynes
Mary Hazen
Cathy Heymann
James G. Hill
Steve Hopf
Scott Huff
Kim Kono
Jeanne Lincoln
Shannan McGaha
Claudia Meyer
Bill O'Connor
Bill Phillips
Linda Reisser
Jeff Ring
Danielle Tanner
Penny Thompson
Kristin Watkins
Birgit Wedel
Sylvia Welch
Heidi Wilcox
Carolyn Wilson
Rick Zurow

Associated Students of PCC Cascade

Cascade Cultural Affairs Committee

Cascade ESOL Students

Cascade Multicultural Awareness Council

Cascade Public Safety

Cascade Women's Resource Center

PCC Diversity Fund

PCC Foundation

PCC Library


We are also grateful for the generous support of our sponsors.